Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 3 video marketing mistakes we can prevent

Because online video media becomes increasingly popular on the web, that's why the actual online video marketing may be viewed as an essential strategy to coverage the actual goods in the internet business as well as catch the attention of much more people to the mark web page, many people included into your online video media marketing business. Nevertheless, like newbies, We myself produced lots of blunders about the online video media marketing practice. If you'd like the online video media marketing ultimately could repay, ensure pun intended, the 3 video marketing mistakes we should prevent:

1) Numerous marketing experts do not using their attempts about online video media touch-ups to distribute to online video media giving web-sites. Just like marketing with articles, articles will be the double, the actual bad video lessons will truly missing the eye by viewers. Exactly probably would not need to function foods of which has not been heated up way up correctly, you have to pay out much more attentions with your video lessons from the point view of any person, next change the actual video lessons until they are ready to possibly be downloaded. Basically the actual online video media touch-ups is not of which intricate, all you have to is an easy video editing software program to decorate the video lessons to make the idea decent as well as entertaining. By no means disperse video lessons until you might be guaranteed there're all set intended for general public use. Be the Zero. 1 mistake the actual novice employed to create because they are unreadable to individuals. Visitors merely see the merchandise they health care inside the video lessons.

2) If you'd like people to watch as well as write about the video lessons, be sure they're definitely not uninteresting. We should carry Youtube video lessons for instance, the harder dues as well as feedback, the bigger status the actual online video media it really is. Why individuals watch the online video media as well as remark there? Merely since they imagine the online video media can be amusing or perhaps really worth they remark as well as write about. That may be crucial with the online video media internet marketer while they should produce video lessons according to individuals hobbies to catch the attention of the crooks to subscribe as well as present to people. In order to make the online video media distributed by way of recommendations, the idea will need a new character. To produce the online video media amusing, the idea desire a minor imaginations as well as creativity inside the online video media touch-ups practice. The video lessons have to be not simply beneficial, nevertheless interesting to those who watch these people, or perhaps they're going to shortly decline away from look.

3) Do not count on one single online video media could have great results the actual online video media marketing. Quite simply, you must create some video lessons according to different aspects of your merchandise features or perhaps products and services. One particular online video media, or even a number of these people, is not enough to ensure the profile on the internet. A series of video lessons may help you brand name the merchandise as well as products and services as well as raise the level of traffic, standard online video media updates help keep people prior to the competition plus get you much more coverage. The trick regarding utilizing online video media to realize large numbers of individuals is to continually create specialized niche related video lessons using high quality articles.

The 3 online video media marketing problems would be the mostly problems after we commencing our own business. With regards to creating video lessons of which have great results, there is absolutely no sensational remedy of which works each time nevertheless improve as well as refine the tactics since you uncover what the market responds to. To get the many achievable profit away from online video media marketing, your easiest strategy is to discover approximately you possibly can about the potential customers, as well as complete all you could can easily to avoid the type of mistakes listed above.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Major Worries On Picking Video Editing Tool

In accordance to the study, the advertising power of one particular minute movie equivalent about 1.8 million words and phrases. Web films are an wonderful means for marketing items and services on the web. They have the advantage of being capable to catch the goal market's heed and are more effortlessly recalled and remembered by prospective customers. Study has revealed that guests to a website who look at a online video are 85% much more very likely to get the product in the video than other end users. So when starting your own movie, your choice of easy video edit software is really essential. 

We always want the suitable video editor application for our YouTube videos and plenty of individuals spent lots of energy on deciding the proper video editing application. Essentially there are four major factors you should to make certain that the application you pick fits you in phrases of its value, features, compatibility, and components requirements. 

Price. Most people are quite delicate to the cost, this might be the most crucial issues to think about. The professional video editor software program can be quite expensive, with an regular cost on $2000 and up. And the operations are complicated, so you may possibly need professional abilities on these kind of video editor application. Prior to you made your selection make positive you know your funds and capabilities very well, then selecting which software program to use. Easy video editing software doesn't have to be costly although some of the decently professional program go for much less than three hundred dollars. 

Easy to operate. For most folks they just want an easy video editing software that fits for their skill degree as a movie editor. If you have expertise operating with video editing, the intermediate or high end suites could be greatest for you. Nevertheless, if you are comparatively unskilled with video editing, or have no experience at all, it may be ideal to stick to simple, uncomplicated application suites. You won't be able to use the entire advantages of superior video editing tool, and you will squander your funds and time as the more strong video editor program are usually a lot far more costly and challenging. 

Compatibility. There are several video clip file formats accessible and specified video formats may not be appropriate with other video editing application. The format of the untrimmed video is dependent on the devices that record it. If you are organizing on utilizing a specialized video editing program, you need to be affirmative that all the online video formats are compatible and can perform with each other without having troubles. Before selecting your video editing software program, make certain that you comprehend and have addressed all compatibility troubles on both with application and hardware. 

Hardware. The more strong video editing tool are also likely to require far more strong (and costly) components as well. Prior to made your acquire decision on the video edit software program, make certain that you know the specifications of the hardware demands you are going to be managing it on. 

There are the four most major aspects when it comes to picking video editing software. As soon as you are clear about all the four elements, you will definitely decide on the proper tool to start off your video advertising and marketing business.

Friday, December 20, 2013

The importance of YouTube video marketing

According to research, there are quite one billion distinctive users visit YouTube web site monthly, one hundred hours of video uploaded to YouTube each minute, over six billion hours of video watched monthly on YouTube—that's nearly associate degree hour for each person on Earth, and five hundredth quite the year 2012. currently YouTube is localized in sixty one countries and across sixty one languages and eightieth of YouTube traffic comes from outside the United States, countless video channel subscriptions happen on a daily basis. If you're a wise guy you'd ne'er ignore the large opportunities that happens on YouTube videos selling cause YouTube has already been the most effective means of your future business.

First of all, you wish to make a series videos of your services or merchandise with a straightforward video editing software program and so started a YouTube channel to replicate your whole and merchandise to have interaction with people, then you'll be able to add YouTube video into your computing device and different social media websites  to get wide means of exposure. just in case your product has any technical or tough components explained within the video, you'll be able to add the text description below the video as a supplement. Then the video could be a terribly effective shopper service tool make a case for their ofttimes issues rather more clearly, it would greatly improve your client service potency and cut your value as well as increase client loyalty.

YouTube video selling is in our own way finding what your target market needs, wants and wishes, and delivering your message to them within the most handy and productive strategies possible. With the number of individuals accessing the net via their wise phones and mobile devices is staggering. Thousands of the marketing sensitive companies catched the possibility to advertise their service and products via YouTube video editing. The target customers may use their phone to urge information associate degreed an escalating amount are utilizing them to make sales.

What reasonably strategy we must always attack YouTube video marketing? you'll be able to insert back links in your YouTube videos, those that saw the video might need the possibility to click the link to the web site you wish them to travel to and that they could buy the merchandise or services. There are 3 locations wherever it's doable to feature your site's computer address however with no utilizing keywords and phrases. Your website's computer address very ought to even be displayed conspicuously at some purpose within your video.

Then write your script incorporating your keywords within the description space below your YouTube video. varied thousands of individuals can appreciate it. Your keyword-rich, optimized script also will attract the search engines and which is able to support to maneuver your web site up within the SERPs. The videos on your web site conjointly indicates folks can keep them keep there longer - a crucial index can calculated by the search engines.

Then you'll be able to write some articles connected together with your services or merchandise and post to your journal or article sites and insert your YouTube video link, i am positive you may get additional and additional exposure to engaging the potential client to your web site. that is the most elementary however helpful YouTube video selling skills. beside YouTube get additional and additional common round the world, YouTube video selling becomes the most effective means of our future business.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to select the best video editing software?

When we attempt to obtain a video writing code for the YouTube video writing purpose, we have a tendency to continually wish to pick out the one best appropriate for our necessities among all  the video writing programs since the market is absolutely full of totally different applications for video editors that area unit nearly to a small degree overwhelming to even cross-check them. you'll follow the nine aspects to pick out the most effective video writing code for you.

When you choose video writing code, very first thing you would like to try to to is doing all of your analysis on web. With the arrival of the web, it's simple to conduct an intensive analysis before creating any call. The options, firms United Nations agency developed the video writing tools in addition as totally different programs obtainable within the market all ought to be studied. Take a surpass table record the data like value, blessings of the video writing tool in addition as wherever you'll purchase, transfer them, then you'll build a budget supported the typical value of various levels of video writing code.

Then re-think regarding your video writing necessities. Your desires ought to be associated with your level of talent as a video editor. Then the table list you only created will certainly assist you find the most effective video writing code compared together with your necessities. If you're simply beginning out, you'll wish to want the buyer program compared to the skilled program. this may assist you observe your video writing skills till such a time as you'll already use the skilled version of the code.

Knowing your necessities will certainly assist you to check the video writing programs on a similar level. Then you'll build comparisons for every product to satisfy your desires. Besides our own opinions, we will additionally get facilitate from some video writing code articles on the web, those websites really do a chart of all the leading brands in video writing. These programs area unit compared and contrasted with one another so the customer can see if this specific code meets a lot of of his desires compared to the opposite.

Those video writing reviews can assist you see the options and edges of the merchandise supported another person's each subjective and objective opinions. If you have got no plan regarding video writing code it's best to require a glance those reviews that different people's recommendation and opinions relating to the professionals and cons of every video writing program.

Of course, if there has some liberated to strive demos for you to transfer, you must strive in person to gauge their options and compare every of them before created a shopping for call. make the most of the free demo whether or not the code is that the best video writing code for you or not.

From the observe you have got a impression on that code is simple to use, that is a awfully vital feature for the video editors. as a result of some applications could have very nice options however it's slightly difficult for beginners. If you're simply beginning out with video writing, you'd higher select a simple to use video writing code.

Then we must always check the video clips formats the video writing tool support to import and export. that is the most elementary however vital feature for the video editors as a result of {different|totally totally different|completely different} tools support different video formats, before created your call you would like look into your necessities once more.

Then you'll check the upgrade and support policy the developer provides, certify select the video editing software that gives free update and 7*24 or fast support service.

After all those eight aspects to gauge the video writing code, then you're sure found the most effective video writing code for you currently, then you'll build your own call to pick out the proper one to upgrade to the paid version to possess the access to several different options that does not embody within the free path version.

Monday, December 16, 2013

How to choose the best video editing software in 2014

Are you yearning for a video redaction software system now? Smartpixel, Camtasia, Cyberlink, Ezvid, YouTube editor, Adobe, Pinnacle …… that is that the best video redaction software system for you within the year 2014? for many individuals, that is sophisticated for them to settle on the correct video redaction software system for his or her own business.

When we ar close to opt for a video redaction application, bound things we want to create positive 1st. What does one wish to try and do with it? There ar several software system with totally different duties targeted on their territory, since not all folks ar a professional during this space and that we don't would like all of the functions for video redaction. therefore we have a tendency to|once we|after we} selecting a video redaction program we want to create positive what we wanna to try and do with it, that is the most significant customary for U.S. to settle on the most effective video redaction software system.

There ar many video redaction software system has these or that sort of options, do not be fool with those options, adhere to your video redaction needs and no a lot of fancy options, then you may realize the foremost helpful video redaction software system best appropriate for your wants.

Firstly, we want to see the video file format the software system supported to import and export and what reasonably format that we have a tendency to presently operating on? typically, the input video file format is essentially determined the videodisk recorder, digital camera recorder, etc. The input is also customary definition or high definition. The output video file are often in videodisk in AVI, MPEG4, WMV and different formats are often written on the videodisk, HDD, Blue Ray Disc, hand-held devices etc.

Secondly, we want to contemplate the video redaction feature. once the scene changes, we should always insert video effects, background musics, audios or subtitles between the video clips. Transitions are often straight cut or cross fade and there ar still others that you just will use. Overlay tracks is another nice feature we have a tendency to contemplate a redaction software system program as we are able to see those result on movies and television shows. a really ideal is that the news whereby you'll be able to see the station emblem, tape readout, and a video of the newsperson on a selected scene. dominant the overlay tracks is very important so you will not create a multitude on the video file output.

Rendering is another vital options. The file isn't finished till you render it; all the changes you created on the video material have to be compelled to be rendered, afterward the ultimate video material are often saved with the format you would like.

Of course, the foremost vital feature of the video redaction software system is simple to use. as a result of most folks don't seem to be well coaching on video redaction. And most folks don't willing to pay an excessive amount of cash or energy on the video redaction program. opt for the software system that provides simple to use video redaction options also as instant support service is unquestionably a wise call.

Still yearning for a video redaction software? From the four rules I over on top of, currently you'll have to be compelled to specialize in your needs on the video clips, then you may for certain obtain the most effective video redaction software system in 2014.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Video Editing Software Functions Review 2014

Because of the enormous demand on the movie editor application because of variable movie modifying demands, there are numerous application vendors present various software programs vary from beginners to high ends people. For many people who did not effectively training however taking care of the movie marketing company, what's the perfect movie editor application characteristics for them. After conveyed with thousands of Smartpixel movie editor consumers before year, I stated the next characteristics for the movie editor application 2014.

1. Easy modifying

For many people that are maybe not professional movie publishers, easy movie modifying application could make them build their videos in a efficient way to truly save time and energy. The application company must give consideration for individuals who are new to movie modifying along with number special movie modifying skills required for them. Obviously, Wonderful FAQs and instant customer care service may possibly also make them manage to get thier company performed more easier.

2. Good quality videos

The HD videos could not just provide a better person experience but in addition attract person pay  more attention to the movie content. It is the main element function of the movie editor plan support HD Movie like (inc. AVCHD, MPEG-2 HD and WMV HD), TOD, MOD, M2TS format to greatly help people move HD videos quickly.

3. Cut Movie

The movie editor tool ought to be quickly to separate movie and slice the unrequired clips.

4. Put background musics

If the movie inform people an account with no designing of background musics that would be boring. So the movie editor function must allow user insert more than one sound tracks to combine with the movies and mix or trim sound file. If the application add a dub function that would be also better.

5. Different Movie Forms Reinforced

Although most movie editor softwares support normal movie types such as AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV. However, it's insufficient to generally meet the increasingly movie types reuirements, different movie types such as 3GP, 3G2, QuickTime (MOV), DVD, VOB, VRO, MPEG-1, 2, 4, MPG, DAT, MJPEG, True Movie (RM, RMV) also very preferred, the more movie types reinforced, the greater use of the movie modifying software.

6. Movie Fall show creating

As a result of people could shot photo from phone, camera and also their webcam, there has increasingly needs to allow them to coordinate these however photographs right into a movie fall show by apply transitions, insert sound tracks and subtitles to truly save as a video file on PC or burn up a DVD disc.

7. Make Movie Funny

The movie modifying purpose for most people is to use their utmost to help make the movie funny enough to attract the others interest under the assistance of the movie editor software. So the movie editor application should have a massive movie consequences and transitions selection for people to quickly put in to the movie clips.

8. Inexpensive

Although movie modifying cost far more less than before, people however choose purchase a movie editor application at a reasonable price. It is not just suggests the movie editor software value ought to be affordable, but in addition the invest on PC and different devices. Like, people mainly managing a Windows OS with Intel or AMD 2.5 GHz to 3.5 GHz CPU with 2GB to 8GB RAM, the movie editor application shouldn't eat up high PC methods to allow them spend extra money to upgrade their hardware.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Smartpixel video editor 20% off

Dear users,

Thanks to all of you, Smartpixel video editor software being known and used by more and more people, we want to thank you all in the Christmas season. From now to Jan 3 of the new year, the Christmas special offer 20% off will be host on Smartpixel video editor forum.

Friday, December 6, 2013

How to edit videos with Smartpixel video editor

ometimes we have to create small video montages to upload to YouTube occasionally because creating a brief small video editing to raised illustrate our ideas. Actually this isn't very hard, and I am about to give you the way forward, along with tips to match your editing situation with Smartpixel video editor.

Smartpixel video editor is really a very easy to use video editing software for Youtube videos.It does not need sophisticated video editing skills. Normally, the main interface should demonstrate the main elements of this software. The video import window, video effects library, video editing window, timeline panel etc. You just need to import the videos and drag into the video editing windows.On the timeline I think that it is better to work well with this view to help you better gauge enough time that elapses, or perhaps basicelly perform a blog wikio and begin to see the sequence of your videos.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Best video capture software review 2014

Smartpixel Video Editor - a effortless to use Home windows video record software program and video edit application for Metacafe films. It includes two module features Smartpixel Camera and Smartpixel Producer.

Smartpixel Camera - As a superior game recorder, it has optimized the video recording system drastically to significantly decrease the personal computer resources occupancy for the period of video recording, even Computer with reduced components configuration will not get trapped. With the new D3D capturing systems, the larger definition movie recording resolution has been significantly improved, in the meantime, noticeably considerably less personal computer sources consumed during video capturing. It is an ideal video capturing software for all the well identified Laptop games like WOW, LOL, DOTA, COD, Minecraft and so forth. The participant could freely record the game play  video clips, webcam videos as effectively as microphone audio, it will not affect the game play operation at all.


-Support 1080P HD video tutorial recording
- Web cam properly as microphone auido recording
- Totally customizable video clip resolutions, spot dimension, fps as effectively as brightness adjustment
- Compatible with allPc games video recording
- Better movie recording overall performance with low pc resources

Smartpixel Producer - It may well be the easiest video editing application you used before. It can be employed as both video edit software and photo slide show maker. The consumer could freely import video from Smartpixel Camera or PC hardware. The imported videos can be lowered, merged and trimmed easily on the timeline. The video clips can be pace up or slow down completely in accordance to your requirements. In addition, Smartpixel program allows folks add background musics,video effects,captions, dubs and scribble paintings into the video clip. Following the video clip modifying is done, it can be exported with FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV and other common formats which can be effortlessly upload to YouTube and sharing with buddies. With its swiftly reducing and editing attribute, you can be a video editor in a couple of minutes. Practically any feelings you can think of, you can attain in your videos!


- Fast cutting and editing
- Variable speed playback
- Specific outcomes and subtitles
- Dubbing
- FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV and other movie formats supported

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Join Video Contest Win Free Smartpixel Video Editor License

Smartpixel Forum will host a video contest together with our partner sites at the beginning of the next month. Users are free to join the video contest to get the chance to win a free Smartpixel video editor license. There are the rules of the video contest.

1>Use Smartpixel software to capture and edit a 2 to 5 minutes video clip to upload to YouTube, the video content could be anything, a gameplay video, a music video or a funny moment of your pets etc. If you interested in, you can download it from

2>The video content should be original and no infringement;

3>Copy and Paste your video link in Smartpixel video contest thread;

4>Advertise your Youtube link via facebook, twitter and blog or other social tools to get more and more views and likes;
The winner video will be judged via its video content, views and likes quantities, total score 100 points, video content score 40 points, views and likes each score 30 points. the so better video content will get higher chance to win, the result will be published on the video contest thread.

5>There will be 1 Champion, 2 Second places and 3 Runner-ups, The Champion will win a free life time license, the second place will win a free 5-year license, the runner-up will win a yearly license;

6>Other members are welcome to poll for the videos you like on YouTube or the forum, the lucky voters for the champion have the chance to win a free Smartpixel video editor 5-year license.

7>The video contest starts from Dec 1 to Dec 10 2013. The statics will be published on Dec 11.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

HD webcam recorder review

With more and more pcs and notebooks have a webcam today, there are more and more webcam videos on YouTube. However, those webcams typically offers low quality than what you may get from the standalone device. The most recent webcams is now able to record HD videos equally 720p and 1080p resolutions with the assistance of the HD webcam recording software.

Compare to other videos on YouTube website, the benefits of HD videos are obviously. The higher video quality, the more clarity as well as more enjoyable viewing expirence. With these trend, the HD webcam recording software will be used in HD webcam video capture more and more often. I'd like to suggest a new HD webcam recording software, Smartpixel Camera. (via shareaholic)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Welcome To Be Partner With Smartpixel Video Editor

Welcome To Be Partner With Smartpixel Video Editor - SmartPixel News&Articles - Smartpixel Video Editing Community - Powered by Discuz!

Thanks to our users and developers, Smartpixel video editor software gets hundreds of daily downloads since the V 1.0 version released on June 19, 2013. We got lots of valuable feedback from our users and we have made lots changes in the follow up versions to improve the video capturing and video editing features to meet their requirements. To get even wider people know both Smartpixel video editor software and Smartpixel video editor forum, now we recruit partners worldwide, if you are a video gamer, video editor, forum admin, website webmaster or an article editor, you are welcome to be partner with us.

PC Video Gamers
Currently we need PC Video Gamer badly to built a YouTube video game channel. Although Smartpixel video editor has hundreds of thousands users In China, owing to language limitation as well as the accent, we could not built our video tutorial as well as the YouTube videos to improve the user experience. If you are a PC gamer who are well known the popular video games like WOW, DOTA, BF, COD, Minecraft, Star Craft etc. You are welcome to cooperate with us to built a related YouTube game channel. If you are also knowing Smartpixel video editor features well and you have a very good accent, please contact us to make some video tutorials for our users.

Website Webmasters
If you are running a website or blog or forums with PC games, YouTube videos, we have a very good foundation to work together. We could provide the necessary assistance needed for a blog software reviews, a game video contest we cooperated to run together. Meanwhile we could exchange our sources to promote both of our websites.

Software Distributors
We are welcome powerful software distributors worldwide to distribute Smartpixel video editor, to ensure both of our interests we will sign exclusive software reseller contract with partners in different countries. We offer the license keys and promotion photos and other information for distributors to distribute Smartpixel video editor software. Tech blog or software review website are also welcome to write software review for us to distribute Smartpixel software. If you own a software download website, you can also partner with us to distribute Smartpixel software on your download website.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Game recording software free download

The overall game films are extremely popular on YouTube and other video discussing sites. As a video player, you might invest a lot of time research the guides, tricks, impressive moments of your preferred game titles, you might want to fully capture your own game titles and tell other player online. But, find a excellent game recording computer software is not simple due to the time, income and video editing skills the player have. Alternatively, many players are ready to select a somewhat simple to use and economical game recording computer software for his or her YouTube game films, especially the game recording computer software might be download free.

When talking with game record,
recording is the key function for game recording software. Along with record the game screen video, recording the cam in addition to microphone can also be an essencial function as we usually see the other players stay comment the gameplay tricks in the guide films, as a video player, you are absolutely will not want to skip the opportunity to show up in your own game videos. Besides, there are many and more excellent game films may be seen in 1080P HD, that is quite amazing, so once we recording our game films the larger quality the better.  Of course, simplicity of use is the main function as we usually use hotkey when playing games, if the game recording computer software has hotkey controls to rapidly begin and stop game record that could be great. Finally, If the game recording computer software could present fundamental video editing tool for the game video editing before add to YouTube will be even better cause sometimes we have to then add musics, subtitles, results in the movies to make it more interesting to other folks but seemingly we do not want spend added cost for yet another video editing software. Therefore a video record computer software and video editing computer software 2 in 1 computer software is the ideal game recording computer software for the gamers. Smartpixel game video recording computer software is the main one your are seeking for. Let's have a look the key functions:

- Support 1080P HD video recording
- Support cam recording in addition to microphone recording
- Fully tailor-made video answers, area measurement, frame charges in addition to brightness
- Appropriate for all PC game recording
- Large video recording performance with reduced pc options
- Sport video editing, cutting and joining
- Add history musics, dubbing, video results, photographs, subtitles
- Variable pace playback
- Basic YouTube video format reinforced

With each one of these functions, Smartpixel game recording computer software now has more and more players utilize it for YouTube game videos. If you're buying a game recording computer software now, you are able to download it free via

As a sophisticated game video recording computer software, it has optimized the video record device considerably which dramatically decrease the pc assets occupancy for the period of video recording, actually PC with reduced hardware arrangement will not get stuck,
it won't influence game enjoying experience at all.It is just a ideal game recording plan for the well-known PC game titles like WOW, LOL, DOTA, COD, Minecraft etc. The player could easily record the game perform films, cam films in addition to microphone audios to YouTube.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Smartpixel video editor press release

Guangzhou, China, Oct 31, 2013 - Beyond MAGIC LTD., is delighted to announce that our video editing tool Smartpixel video editor V 2.2 is offered for the ordinary YouTube online video editors to download now. With the significant feature of this edition, users do not have to sign-up from neither its website nor the application any more, which tremendously facilitate editors to use the video editor software yet shield consumer secrecy much better. Apart from this, in the 2.2 release, we do not sell Smartpixel Camera with Smartpixel Producer independently, instead, we sale them together and only offer three licenses for our consumers, each license targets various clients according to their budget, this brand new price plan is more cost-effective and proper.

Smartpixel video editor has two fundamental characteristics, screen capturing and video editing. It consists of two modules Smartpixel Camera and Smartpixel Producer. The firs module On behalf of the video recordingfeature while the second one is for video edit function. They have been extensively employed as screen capturer, webcam capture application, game recording tool and video edit tool for YouTube tutorial video clips, game play videos as well as customized music videos.

As a easy to use screen recorder, Smartpixel has optimized the screen record mechanism deeply to significantly decrease the computer resources occupancy throughout video recording, even Computer with low hardware configuration won't get trapped. With the new D3D capturing technology, the HD video capturing quality has been drastically enhanced, at the same time, considerably less pc resources consumed during screen recording. It is an excellent game video capturing application for all the well-liked Windows video games such as WOW, LOL, DOTA, Minecraft and so forth. The participant could freely record the game play movies, webcam videos as well as microphone audio, it won't affect game playing experience in the least.

Smartpixel video editor may be the best video edit application you ever use. It can be utilized as both video editor tool and image slide show maker. The video editor could freely import video clips from Smartpixel software or local files. The imported video clips can be cut, merged and trimmed easily on the timeline. The video can be accelerated or slow down totally according to your requirements. Besides, Smartpixel video editor lets editor insert background musics, video effects, captions, dubs as well as scribble paintings into the video. As soon as the video editing is accomplished, the video can be exported with FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV and other basic formats which can be very easily upload to Vimeo as well as sharing with close friends. With its rapidly cutting and editing feature, you can be a video  editor in a few minutes. Nearly any concepts you can think of, you can comply in your video clips!

Smartpixel Video Editor V 2.2 New Attributes:

?New license mode. Not require to sign up;
?New background video feature for webcam capturing;
?Pic-in-Pic frame for webcam recording;
?Other minimal bugs repaired and improvements.

From V 2.2, we changed the price policy, there's only yearly, five-year and life time license accessible, the price is $15.9, $40.9 and $63.9 respectively. If you are interested Smartpixel software you are welcome to go to for more details.

Beyond MAGIC LTD. a foremost video application developer and video clip content service provider which focused on  providing easy to use video capture and video editing solutions for YouTube video clip editors. Our premium computer software Smartpixel video editor integrates game capturing and video editing as well as several other advanced features to offer    video editors the greatest video capturing and video clip editing experience, you are welcome to download Smartpixel video editor to make your Metacafe films much more simpler than ever.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Smartpixel Video Editor v2.2 released

Smartpixel Video Editor V2.2 being released by BEYOND MAGIC LTD on 31th, Oct. 2013. There are the following improvements in the new version:

- New licensing mode. No longer need to sign up.
- New background video feature for webcam recording.
- Pic-in-Pic frame for webcam recording.
- Other minor bugs and improvements.

In the new version, we changed the license strategy to make it more affordable and user do not have to signup anymore. From v2.2, Smartpixel video editor has 3 kind of license, 1 year license, 5 year license and lifetime license for $15.9, $40.9 and $63.9 respectively, the license is more affordable and cost effective for different people.

In Smartpixel Video Editor v2.2, we add new background feature for webcam recording,meanwhile, we add the frame settings in webcam recording, they are more practical to help user to record impressive webcam videos. You are welcome to download Smartpixel video editor v2.2 via

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Best free HD screen capture software

The videos captured can be utilized for a lot of purpose, as an example, capture a movie for class education, create a video present client your product and your business, show friends your tricks on playing game etc. Now YouTube videos supports 360P to 1080P HD quality and the HD videos uploaded more and more for a better visual experience. Hence, more and more folks need HD video capture software for their YouTube videos, as a commonly consumer, I'd like to suggest Smartpixel software, one of the greatest HD video capture software.

Smartpixel software has two modules Smartpixel Camera and Smartpixel Producer. If you want capture screen videos, game videos along with webcam videos, Smartpixel software is an ideal video capture software. With it, you can capture your videos in a couple of simple steps.

Like, if you're a WOW gamer and you wish to capture a HD WOW gameplay video and upload to YouTube, we will have how to use Smartpixel HD video capture software to obtain it done.

Firstly, login your WOW game account, then run Smartpixel software, if you may not contain it, you can download via and install it. You then might find the interface above, click the Screen/Game icon, you might find 4 red cordinates at the centre of the desktop screen, then you definitely need to modify the screen capture area by drag the red cordinates. Smartpixel software offers 3 different of screen recording modes: area capture, full screen capture and PIP capture. With area screen capture, you'll need to manually adjust the screen capture area with the cordinates. Will Full screen capture, it is likely to be automatically adjust by the software. PIP capture enables you to capture the webcam videos along with Microphone audios.

The next step is to modify the screen capture settings. Smartpixel support HD video capture qualities from 360P to 1080P HD, and it is customizable. You can also adjust the frame rates and brightness when start recording the videos.

Then we can return to the game screen and press start button to record the game videos. Smartpixel software also support hotkeys, which you can check the settings and start video capture by press F9 and stop&save videos by press F12. With it, the video capture process is extremely easy.

Needless to say, for a better HD video quality, you'd better power down other programs, then adjust the resolutions and frame rates in settings. Besides HD video capture tool, Smartpixel software also offers HD video editing tool which you can import the captured videos to cut, trim and merge etc. You could add background musics, video effects along with subtitles into the video which will make your videos more attractive. After each one of these steps done, you can export videos and upload to YouTube and other video sharing site directly.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Windows Screen Capture Tools

The screenshots are applied in large conditions; from making a manual to having assistance with a forum, the screenshots act as a visual help this problem or issue under discussion. When you're attempting to instruct persons how some thing new on the computers having screencast films or annotated screen catch photographs may be priceless to your persons you're seeking to help. There are plenty of screen catch instruments freeware for PC , I'd prefer to introduce a new PC screen caputure tool Smartpixel Camera, it is in fact a fantastic system for gamers,web developers, developers and anyone who needs to construct tutorials or catch essential home elevators screen.
Smartpixel Camera is really a very simple to use screen capture tool for windows. With sophisticated D3D engineering incorporated inside, taking your desktop screen is a very handy strategy in a variety of conditions, which range from making tutorials to taking web instances for posterity.

For gamers, a perfect screen capture tool is vital for YouTube sport movie making. Smartpixel Camera presents different settings for producing the screen: full screen setting, place setting and PIP setting, it allows you to catch the complete sport screen in addition to the specific place screen of the overall game, while PIP setting enables player live comment facing the webcam. You can also begin taking and then tag some fascinating instances, produce a screenshot in addition to pause the method to keep it later or perhaps stop. Additionally, Smartpixel Camera is able for the PC sport films screen catch, the most used game titles such as for instance The games such as for instance WOW 3, WOW, Star Hobby, DNF, FIFA series, Contact Duty 8, Need For Rate 16,  Battle Field 3, NBA 2K series, Missing World 3, Demon Might Cry 4, Dead Space 2, League of Legends etc. has been tested perfectly help the D3D mode.

There are plenty of screen capture tool help top quality movie catch, therefore does Smartpixel Camera. It supports quality from 360P to 1080P HD, person can always check the report placing screen, examine and test to choose the most preferable resolutions, body costs based on their own requirements.

As a powerful screen capture tool, besides screenshots, HD screen catch movie catch and cam catch features, Smartpixel Camera also can catch the looks from the microphone in addition to the movement of the mouse cursor. Which are essential features throughout the training movie making. For the captured movie, Smartpixel pc software provides also provides the movie editing tool to reduce, combine, cut the captured movie clips. From this viewpoint, it is really a screen catch tool and movie editing tool 2 in 1 freeware. You can get it via

Friday, October 18, 2013

Good Free screen capture software and video editing software

If you're the game player, frequently you have to discover the movie publisher following a person documenting your own Youtube . com online game movies if you are using the actual movie documenting software program such as Fraps, Bandicam, Playclaw and so on. That not just waste materials of your time, however waste materials associated with cash. Smartpixel Software program is really a good free screen recorder as well as video editor two within 1 software program along with effective functions with regard to display documenting as well as movie modifying, this is among the greatest free of charge display recorder as well as movie publisher with regard to game enthusiasts.

 Smartpixel software program offers 2 quests Smartpixel Digital camera as well as Smartpixel Maker. Smartpixel Digital camera is really a display recorder software program that not just might catch screenshot, desktop computer display movie, but additionally might report each web cam as well as mic along with top quality. It's been popular because guide movie producing software program, web cam movie documenting software program as well as online game movie documenting software program with regard to Youtube . com movies. Smartpixel Maker is really a movie publisher software program in addition to picture slideshow producer. By using it person might reduce, combine as well as cut videos in addition to including history musics, subtitles, movie results and so on. to create the actual videos much more user-friendly as well as appealing. You will find the actual functions detailed because adhere to:

 Excellent user interface as well as simple to use, superb on-screen assist

 Information everything in your display, suitable with the COMPUTER game titles

 With the ability to report any kind of seem a person usually might listen to out of your loudspeakers, and also you possess choice associated with documenting seem out of your microphone

 May report web cam, it may change colour associated with web cam documenting (whiten, comfortable, unique, clean, violet, organic, flower, jello, hi-bright, hi-contrast, soaked, razor-sharp, as well as mono-color)

 May excessively web cam whilst documenting display, which means you are able to report display as well as web cam simultaneously

 Facilitates FLV, AVI, MP4, as well as cartoon GIF result

 Enables you to choose in between 15 frames per second, 20 frames per second, as well as thirty frames per second documenting

 You are able to selected if you wish to consist of computer mouse cursor within movies or even not really

 Assistance 1080P movie documenting as well as modifying

 Facilitates hotkey, simple to run whilst movie recording

 Movie publisher built-in which enables you to reduce, include subtitles (your personal subtitles, not really fill within subtitles through elsewhere), history music/sound (MP3, WMA, RM, OGG, FLAC, WAV), dubbing, results (over 50 textual content, filtration system, picture, body, as well as bubble effects), or even accelerate or even decelerate playback (0. 4x in order to 10x)

 Smartpixel software program is actually 'm outstanding display recorder as well as movie publisher due to the energy associated with it's cutting-edge results as well as functions, a lot of that are unavailable within actually probably the most costly professional-grade display catch as well as movie modifying software program. By using it it is simple to report your own display as well as report your very best video gaming movies on the internet as well as catch this real-time.

 If you want to create a movie with regard to buddies, clients or even with regard to loved ones, you'll need find the correct display recorder as well as movie publisher that is simple to use in addition to effective display recording as well as movie modifying functions, Smartpixel software program might be among the best options right now.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cost Free Windows YouTube Video Editor Software

In relation to video web sites, many people consider Youtube. That's accurate, a lot of time video articles being posted Youtube each and every minutes. If there is a cost free YouTube video editor software nearly every person might create their unique videos to be able to upload in order to Youtube along with other video discussing websites. With regard to newbies, the Youtube . com video publisher program needs to be simple to find out, fast to utilize in add-on to ideally totally free or actually inexpensive.

 SmartPixel is often a free associated with charge Youtube . com video publisher software with regard to windows. It provides effective pc recording device in addition to simple to make use of video modifying tools. It is actually popular regarding tutorial movie making, game perform video recording in addition to customized home video modifying. It is accessible in windows XP, Landscape, 7, 8 along with 2 quests inside, Smartpixel Digital camera and Smartpixel Maker.

 SmartPixel Camera

 It's the screen movie capture device which supplies a powerful way to assist show your views within videos for that workers in addition to customers. This allows for 1080P HIGH DEFINITION video capturing in addition to web camera and mic recording. Using its completely new trademarked technologies to enhance the efficiency in addition to expenses a smaller amount CPU usage in addition to reduce generate utilization, Smartpixel functions wonderful with all the PC video games video documenting.

 The real Picture inside Picture perform enables people to remark in internet cam by way of microphone although desktop display recording, for that gamer in addition to guide screencast maker, it's very useful, with this particular setting, the actual video publisher could reside comment all through video documenting. Apart through that, person could also catch the particular computer computer mouse monitor when required.

 Because of the sophisticated display recording in addition to web camera and mic capture features, SmartPixel is popular for Youtube . com tutorial movies, game perform videos in addition to customized individual music movies.

 SmartPixel Producer

 Like additional YouTube movie editor software program, Smartpixel Producer has the capacity to manage film pace, combine, cut & reduce in addition to replicate videos. Once pull the videos on it's timeline, the Youtube . com video editor can easily modify videos in addition to arrange their very own sequences at any time. The real videos might be customized a lot more with the help of background seems, textual content material, video effects in addition to narrations. As well as that, Smartpixel Producer can also be a picture slideshow producer, it also may help to help to make picture slideshow via transfer the particular pictures used through internet cam as well as brought within through extra location. Furthermore, it facilitates introduced AVI, WMV, MPG, MP4, FLV videos regarding video modifying.

 Throughout movie editing, the Youtube . com video publisher software may access the rich collection related to online resources for example effects, filter systems, musics and so on. When the actual video editing is conducted, the real videos might be exported simply because FLV, AVI, GIF Picture in addition to MP4 structure to be able to add to be able to the movie sharing websites.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Best Free PC game video recording software

There are hundreds of video capture software available on the internet already, why I always seeing the posts on the gameplay forums like "what's the best PC game recording software" and "Is there any free PC game video capturing software availale"? The reason is simple, the gamers has their own requirements on the game video recording software. Well, it seems you are in the right place.

Although gamers own different skills playing video games, they have commonly requirements on the game video recording software. Easy to use, high quality gameplay videos, basic video editing features, capable for webcam and audio recording etc. Based on these conditions, I'd like to suggest the gamers Smartpixel Camera, one of the best free PC game video recording software.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Free YouTube video editing software

When it comes to video sharing sites, most people think of YouTube. That's true, hundreds of hours video content has been uploaded to YouTube every minute. With the free video editing software almost anyone could make their own video clips and upload to YouTube and other video sharing sites. For the beginners, the YouTube video editing software should be easy to learn, quick to use as well as preferably free or affordable.

SmartPixel is a free screen capture video editing software for windows.It provides powerful desktop capturing tool together with easy to use video editing solution.The software can be widely used for streaming video capturing, youtube tutorial video, gameplay video capturing and personalized home video editing.It's available in Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 OS and consists of two modules Smartpixel Camera and Smartpixel Producer.

SmartPixel Camera 

It is a screen capture tool which provides a great way to help illustrate your ideas in videos for your employees and clients.It supports 720P steaming video capturing, webcam recording as well as photo capture in the desktop, webcam and video. With its new patented technology to ensure extreme recording performance and also costs less CPU consumption and lower disk usage, Smartpixel is compatible for all the PC gameplay video capturing.

It supports full screen capturing and area screen capturing mode.The Pic in Pic feature allows people to record the webcam and audio while screen capturing, for the gamer and tutorial screencast maker, it is very useful, in this mode, the video editor could online comment during video capturing.Besides, user could also capture the mouse track if needed.

In the webcam recording mode, Smartpixel Camera offers rich beautify effects such as color, lighting, frame and slimming for people to record personalized videos.

In the new Karaoke mode even lets you make your own music video! It helps you remove original vocals and insert lyrics subtitles. 

Because of the advanced screen capturing and webcam recording features, SmartPixel is a use to use video capture tool widely used in youtube tutorial video, gameplay video and personalized home music videos.

SmartPixel Producer

As a video editor,  Smartpixel Producer has the ability to control video speed, merge and split videos, trim & cut, and duplicate video clips. With a simple drag and drop of media files to its timeline, the youtube video editor can easily edit video clips and rearrange their sequences at anytime. The video clips can be personalized more by adding music, text, effects or even narrations. Besides video clips, Smartpixel producer could also make photo slideshow by import the photos captured from webcam or imported from other place. It also supports imported AVI,WMV,MPG,MP4,FLV format video clips for video editing.

During video editing, the video editor will get access to a rich library of online resources including effects, filters, sound clips, and so on. You can add pop-up text as subtitles, or add cut scene between video clips. Once the video editing is done, the video clips can be exported as FLV, AVI, GIF Image and MP4 format to upload to youtube and other video sharing sites.

Along with youtube get more and more popular, people need free and easy to use video editing software for their video clip editing purpose. Based on this trend, Smartpixel is target the wise choice of the free youtube video editing software.

Smartpixel Camera: Best Free Screen Video Recorder For Windows

In most situations, the most ideal approach to show somebody something you want explain is to use screen video recorder. If you need to prepare individuals on an especially challenging system or demonstrate to every living soul generally accepted methods to settle an issue you've run, recording a screencast videos is a simple approach to do it. I will show you how to get the screencast videos done by the best free screen video reocorder-Smartpixel Camera.

Smartpixel Screen Video Recorder is an expert screen recording software which permits you to record all the exercises going on your screen. It can catch video from screen, as well as can change over recordings to different organizes instantly. This software will demonstrate to you industry standards to record machine screen in a snappy manner. Additionally, all the settings could be preset to help. With the nice interface and great security, it is not difficult to handle and works effectively.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Smartpixel: Best Free PC Video Game Capture Software

Smartpixel: Best Free PC Video Game Capture Software - SmartPixel News&Articles - Smartpixel Video Editing Community - Powered by Discuz!

Today, record gameplay videos is quite popular on YouTube. Being a PC video gamer, I always like to share the walkthrough of my favorite video games. I want my game videos are funny enough with HD quality. To creating the game videos on the PC, a good video game capture software would help a lot. In this article I'd like to introduce Smartpixel software, the best free PC video game capture software for YouTube game videos.

Smartpixel software includes screen capture software as well as video editing software 2 in 1, it has 2 modules, Smartpixel Camera and Smartpixel Producer. With Smartpixel Camera, you can capture the desktop screen, webcam as well as microphone with 1080P HD quality. With Smartpixel Producer, the captured game videos can be easily edit by adding background musics, photos, subtitles etc. Besides, the captured screenshots can be made as a photo slideshow.

There are the features for video capture capture:

1. Smartpixel Camera offers different game capture resolution from 360P to 1080P HD, from photos to videos, the size is totally customizable;

2. With D3D technology, Smartpixel Camera is capable for all PC video game capture such as WOW 3, WOW, Star Craft, DNF, FIFA series, Call Duty 8, Need For Speed 16,  Battle Field 3, NBA 2K series, Lost Planet 3, Devil May Cry 4, Dead Space 2, League of Legends etc. has been tested perfectly worked with Smartpixel software.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Best Free Video Tutorial Making Software

Best Free Video Tutorial Making Software - SmartPixel News&Articles - Smartpixel Video Editing Community - Powered by Discuz!

Compares to an text or photo instruction, the video tutorial is a better and great way to showcase a procedure, to teach and demonstrate a thing or a service. Once you surf the Internet, it's easy to find thousands of how-to tutorial videos about software presentations and website demos etc. To make a video tutorial, a free easy to use video tutorial making software is quite nessecary. If you are looking for one video tutorial creating software, Smartpixel software is your best choice, with it, the video tutorial can be easily done in a few steps.

The following are the main features for Smartpixel video tutorial making software:

Screen Capture: It allows you to record screenshot of any application such as screen desktop and webcam, including all PC games with its D3D recording mode technology.

Webcam video&audio Capture: It allows you to record the webcam with the option of vocal removing, lyrics input and more. You can record video and audio via the webcam and microphone, take photos via webcam.

Pic-in-Pic video capture: This function is especially useful to record both game screen and every single move the players made. It's the best game tutorial video capture software that's allows gamer live comment during playing game.

HD Screen video capture: the tutorial video quality can be up to 1080P HD resolution.

High Performance: The application has been designed to bring optimal performance, resulting in less CPU and lower disk usage.

Mouse Capture: it is a very important feature for the video tutorial software, which makes the tutorial videos more clear and understandable.

Usage: no matter game tutorial videos, slideshow presentation videos or any other tutorial videos all can be done by Smartpixel video tutorial making software in a few steps.

Besides, Smartpixel software have video editing tools which allows people add backgrounds, subtitles, photos etc. to make the video tutorials more intuitive and attractive. You can download it via

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Smartpixel Webcam Recorder- the best free webcam video recording software

Smartpixel Webcam Recorder- the best free webcam video recording software - SmartPixel News&Articles - Smartpixel Video Editing Community - Powered by Discuz!

For the people who wants to record videos from webcam, Smartpixel webcam recorder is the best free choice, it is an intuitive and easy-to-use webcam video recording software which helps people to record webcam and desk screen and save as video file.

As we can see from the Smartpixel webcam recorder interface above, it's clean and easy, we only need to click the webcam icon to start recording webcam videos. Before that, lets take a look its key features:

  • Video recording: With Smartpixel webcam recorder, you can record a videoconferencing, a group conversation or a video conversation with a single contact via skype or msn, it also allows you to record a personal music video via webcam cause it helps to remove original vocals and insert lyrics subtitles during webcam video recording, besides, it offers many webcam effects for you to beautify the webcam video. If you are a music talent, Smartpixel webcam recorder is your truely option for your personalized music videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

  • Image snapshots: Smartpixel Webcam Recorder enables to take snapshots of a recorded video from your webcam. Snapshots are still images that you can use later on. You can capture several images in one click.You can capture game screenshots, desktop screenshots, as well as webcam image. It turns your webcam into a multi-function digital camera.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Best Free HD Video Game Recording Editing Software For PC

Best Free HD Video Game Recording Editing Software For PC - SmartPixel News&Articles - Smartpixel Video Editing Community - Powered by Discuz!

As a PC gamer, watch and share game videos is the best way to learn the game skills, tricks, breakthroughs and communicate with other gamers in the world. To make a good game video clip on YouTube and other game video sharing sites, a easy to use HD video game recording editing software is essential. For most PC gamers, the free HD video game recording editing software is the best choice, usually they use Fraps, Bandicams for game video recording, here I'd like to introduce an alternatives for those game video capture software, Smartpixel software- the best free HD video game recording editing software for PC.

Smartpixel Software has two modules, Smartpixel Camera and Smartpixel Producer. The first module is a HD video capture software for both screen capturing and webcamµphone capture. The second one is a YouTube video editor which provide HD game video editing with adding background musics, effects, subtitles, photos etc. Hence, Smartpixel software offers gamer video capture and video editing 2 in 1 game video solutions. Let's take a look the features of the two modules.

Friday, September 27, 2013

YouTube Video Editing Software For Windows

YouTube Video Editing Software For Windows - SmartPixel News&Articles - Smartpixel Video Editing Community - Powered by Discuz!

There are lots of video editing software for making YouTube videos, from beginner to high end. To select the best video editor for YouTube videos, it is mainly depending on your needs, experience, and expectations, it is difficult to choose the best YouTube video editing software. For simple videos, most of your everyday low-cost video editing software will do the trick. Smartpixel video editor is the one.

Like other video editing programs, Smartpixel Producer have a timeline in which you can drag your clips down.  So you can drag your raw clips in the timeline to get a rough order for the video, then you can trim all the excess from the beginning and end of the desired takes.

As a gamer, I used to capture lots of game play videos and upload to YouTube, before upload to YouTube and other video sharing sites, I need to edit the video clips a little bit, like add some background musics, subtitles, cut the unwanted part, merge the game videos, split the videos etc. All can be done via Smartpixel video editor. In the music tab, Smartpixel Producer allows you to find a free songs or mp3 file to add to your video.

Of course, to make my game videos stand out from millions of YouTube game videos, I need pay lots of efforts, the content is the most basic element, I always recording game play videos when I play video games with my partners with Smartpixel Camera, the video clips are fresh and the scene is amazing, all I need is to add some background sound and subtitle on the special killing spot. It is very convenient with Smartpixel video editor.

Once I import the game video clips into Smartpixel Producer, drag them to the video editing window on the right side, play each game video clip and cut the unwanted part, that's the very first step. After that, click Preview button, all the game video clips are merged into one. Then import background sounds into the videos. In Smartpixel Producer, there are some cool effects you can insert into the Youtube videos. Which definitely could make the game play videos more funny and intuitive.  In the business video you're probably not going to go too heavy on effects, but if you think there's a way to enhance the video using it in certain instances, Smartpixel video editor have a great selection of effects to choose from.

Smartpixel Producer supports most of the YouTube video formats like FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV and other formats. Unlike other YouTube video editing software, Smartpixel Producer do not need lots of disk space. Let's take a 5 minutes YouTube game videos for example, usually it takes around 300MB disk space when I finish the video editing. After the video editing I can export the game videos via the formats I mentioned above then I can login my Youtube account and start uploading.

If you are a Windows user and you are looking for a good easy to use Youtube video editing software, download Smartpixel video editor via It is absolutely your best choice.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Smartpixel Video Editor Software V2.1 Released

Smartpixel Video Editor Software V2.1 Released

Big news! BEYOND MAGIC LIMITED released Smartpixel video editor V2.1 on September 26TH, 2013. In the new version, we made a few changes on the brightness adjust during video editing and fixed a few bugs. Please check the update below:

1. New brightness adjusting feature.
2. Fix a bug where watermark sometimes still appears for VIP members.
3. Version number of the main executable file is corrected.
4. Other minor bugs and improvements.

The new version keeps its easy to use video editing feature while more and more user friendly, you are welcome to download it via

Easy to use game recording software for windows

Easy to use game recording software for windows 

When we need to explian our ideas to others, we often need to prepare materials to convince people, the video clips is the most effective way to do so. For example, game video tutorial, The game recording software is very useful then since it could record any activity going on your desktop screen such as movement of cursor, typing of text, changes happening on a program etc. To finish a game video tutorials, an easy to use game recording software is quite necessary.

Smartpixel Camera is an easy to use screen recording software for windows. With seamlessly integrated with D3D video recording mode based on the original screencast mode, it has optimized the video recording mechanism deeply to significantly reduce the computer resources occupancy during video recording, even PC with low hardware configuration won't get stuck, the full screen game recording fluency doubled. Furthermore, WOW, Star Craft, DNF, FIFA series, Call Duty 8, Need For Speed 16,  Battle Field 3, NBA 2K series, Lost Planet 3, Devil May Cry 4, Dead Space 2, League of Legends and other popular video games has been tested perfectly support the D3D mode Which means Smartpixel game recording software could compatible with all the PC video games recording.

If you are a high skilled gamer, you may need to tech your team some skills or tricks to make them fight together with you, how to make it more effective? Of course it is game tutorial video, but it is not enough, to make the other gamers better understanding what you expressed game tutorial video, you may need not only capture the game screen, but also your explaination about your strategies and moves from the webcam and microphone.

Well, Smartpixel game recording software is designed for gamers. Let's take a look how to use it for game video recording. The first step download and install it via

Then we will see its clean interface after we run the program:

We can click Screen/Game button to start the game video recording. Before we started, there're two steps we need to pay attention. Smartpixel game recording software offers 3 recording mode, area mode, full screen mode and PIP mode, with the area mode, gamer need to adjust the game screen capture range with the 4 red coordinates in the screen. The full screen recording mode will be adjust to full screen automatically, the PIP mode gamer need install webcam and microphone first to launch this mode.

Once the first step is done, the game need to set the resolution and frame rate in the recording settings. Smartpixel game recording software offers resolutions from 360P to 1080P HD. Please check the following window and select the right settings before game video recording.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Top 5 Windows Video Editing Software Programs Reviews - SmartPixel News&Articles - Smartpixel Video Editing Community - Powered by Discuz!

Top 5 Windows Video Editing Software Programs Reviews :

When starting to create the YouTube videos, choosing a nice video editing software might not be easy because there are many choices avaible for the best video editing software programs at the consumer or home user level. Here we introduce the Most popular 5 windows video editing software programs.

Smartpixel software is an easy to use YouTube video editor for windows users. It released a new 2.0 version recently, In the new version, it improved the video capture features and upgrade the resolutions to 1080P HD. This program has been my first choice for users at the consumer levels. Of all the mainstream video editing software producers Smartpixel have continually set themselves apart from the rest by not only keeping pace with the changes, but in some cases being one step ahead. It can be download via

Windows Movie Maker is another easy-to-use YouTube video editor capable of creating video clips without all the complicated bells and whistles of more robust programs like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. Adding themes and effects is a breeze, as is trimming video and one-step uploading to various sites like YouTube and Facebook. The software allows users to combine video, images, and audio using a drag-and-drop method similar to Smartpixel, and it features all the essential functions we now come to expect from any basic editing software.  Additionally, the full-screen preview and high-definition webcam capture are also a plus, it does offer enough free incentives to keep the amateur video editor satisfied without the financial burden of the aforementioned heavy-duty programs. It can be download via .

Videospin is a free video editor based on Studio that functions almost similarly with Smartpixel. Although it does not support Windows 7 yet, which again making a huge plus point for Smartpixel. It also requires one to buy a codec pack to update to a newer version. Besides, it has direct uploads to Youtube, easy to use, drag-n-drop feature but like any other software, it has some strict limitations and lots of bugs have been reported. What’s been annoying is that the application will open your Web browser to an ad for upgrades if you click on the ‘More Transitions’ from a drop-down menu and crashes every time the computer is on a standby mode. Overall, it is a good video maker software for windows.

VideoWave 4 is comprised of seven different integrated windows that allow users to create their projects. The interface has a nice look and feel. The workspace fits nicely on the screen and is not overcrowded. Like many simple video editing software programs aimed at beginning editors, VideoWave 4 uses a storyboard interface. The Storyboard interface uses picture thumbnails that represent the video clips laid out in order of appearance without describing their duration.

The 5TH windows video editing software is Wondershare video editor, it offers several video related products besides Video Editor including, at the time of this writing, Video Converter Ultimate, DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe, YouTube Downloader, Fantashow, and more. You can grab a free trial of Video Editor at the Wondershare site. The full version costs $39.00, so it’s pretty affordable as far as editing software goes.

As windows video editing has gained popularity, major computer manufacturers are now bundling beginner-friendly video editing software along with the other standard computer software. This means that more people have access to the creative tools that allow them to express, reflect and document their lives, tell stories and communicate personal messages.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How To Capture Videos And Merge Video Clips With Smartpixel Video Editor - SmartPixel Manual&Tips - Smartpixel Video Editing Community - Powered by Discuz!

How To Capture Videos And Merge Video Clips With Smartpixel Video Editor

In order to show friends a piece of work or computer skills you own, you may capture videos and show them. For the commonly people, they may not willing to spend much of time and money on the YouTube video editor, so there's huge demand on the cheap and easy to use video editor software. In this article, I will show you how to use Smartpixel video editor to capture video and merge multiple video clips in much more easy way.

If you didn't install Smartpixel software on your PC, you can download the latest version via In the Smartpixel video editing forum, I've wrote lots of manual on how to capture the game play videos with Smartpixel Camera, you can check the following link as a reference:

How to record WOW gameplay videos
How to capture screen with SmartPixel software

Since Smartpixel released a new version recently, it has a little change in the setting panel, I'd like to introduce a little bit about how to capture the video clips with Smartpixel Camera.

Once we installed Smartpixel software, double click the icon to run the program, we will see its simple interface

Then we can choose screen video capture or webcam video capture to start. Here we click screen/Game button.

Smartpixel Camera.jpg

It offers erea mode, full screen mode and PIP mode for screen capturing. If you choose erea mode, you may need to adjust the screen capture window manually. Then it is the settings,

Smartpixel Settings.jpg

In the setting window, you can set the hotkey, and change record settings, in the Smartpixel video editor V2.0, the HD video capture support 1080P, you can adjust the resolution and FPS according to your requirements, then you can start video recording by Press F11, Press F12 to save the video clips.

Very often we need to merge multiple video clips into one and cut the unwanted parts. It is extremely easy by Smartpixel video editor. Firstly, we need to import video clips into Smartpixel Producer.

Smartpixel Producer.jpg

After import the video clips, they will be shown in the left upper windows, then drag them into the video editing window left side. Here we need to make clear the time line, in the timeline, the yellow part means active video clip can be played, the gray part is deleted part, we can play the video clips then cut the anwanted part, then repeat the same operation on other video clips, after that, click the privew button to play the videos, all the video clips will be merged into one video, then come back repeat the operation if nassecery. After that you can add some background musics, effects, subtitles etc. then preview and export the video. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

1080P HD Webcam Video Capture Software

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Video is a much more easy way to tell others the information we want to deliver. In the past we may pay hundreds of dollars for the DC for the videos, Now the webcam is used for the Youtube videos more and more widely not only because it is cheap, convenient and easy to create videos, but also there are hundreds of different webcam video capture software available. Today, we will introduce a webcam video capture software for YouTube 1080P HD videos-Smartpixel Camera.

Smartpixel is an easy to use video capture software and video editing software. It has two modules, Smartpixel Camera and Smartpixel Producer. The Smartpixel Camera can be used not only as a screen video capture software, but also a HD webcam recording software.

SmartPixel Camera Features:

· Record Screens: This function allows you to record screenshot of any application, including games with its D3D recording mode technology.
· Screenshot: This option allows you to capture in manual or automatic mode the webcam frames as a digital camera.
· Record Webcam: This function allows you to record the webcam with the option of vocal removing, lyrics input and more.
· Pic-in-Pic Recording: This function is especially useful to record both game screen and every single move the players made.
· HD Recording: It can record videos up to 1080p resolution.
· Performance: The application has been designed to bring optimal performance, resulting in less CPU and lower disk usage.

Owing to its high performance on the video capture, Smartpixel Camera has been widely used on YouTube tutorial videos captures, game videos capture, webcam recording. If you are looking for a HD webcam video capture software, feel free to download via

After installed Smartpixel software, double click the icon to run it and we will see the clean interface.

Now click webcam Icon for the webcam video capture, we can login the webcam capture interface

As a webcam video capture software, Smartpixel offers many effects during webcam capture, such as lighting, color, frame, slimming etc. It has a karaoke function even lets you make your own music video! It helps you remove original vocals and insert lyrics subtitles to make your own YouTube music videos.

For the gamers or tutorial video makers, they are abviously need the webcam video capture software for certain purpose, Smartpixel offers a PIP mode which allows people to record webcam and microphone simutaniously while screen video capture, this is very useful functions.

Of course, if you need to record the 1080P HD webcam videos, firstly you need to have a HD webcam, then you can easily record your webcam with Smartpixel Camera, it is easy and fun.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Top 3 Best Free Screen Video Capture Software For Windows

Top 3 Best Free Screen Video Capture Software For Windows

No matter who you are, a software designer, graphic artist, Realtor, technical writer, web designer, student, teacher, homemaker, house builder, gamer or grandpa, Sometimes you may need a record of images and information you view, you may have a need to take screenshots. The screen video capture software makes it simple and easy.  In this article, I'm picking out the top 3 best free screen video capture software for Windows.

1. Smartpixel Camera

A game video capture software, webcam video capture software, tutorial video capture software, any screen video capture needs you want, Smartpixel Camera serves your need. Besides, it released the 2.0 version this month, it could support 1080P HD YouTube video capture. There are the new changes listed as follow:

- Added more video capture size options. Support full size screen recording and customize size recording.
- Support widescreen recording now.
- Customizable framerate.
- You can now merge videos of different sizes together.
- Optimized dubbing process. Improved voice-over performance.
- More VIP member features.
- Other improvements and bug fixes. 

The greatest value of screen capture software may be in its editing functions. Good editing tools let you insert comments, draw attention to specific portions of an object with a virtual marker or alter a large number of files at one time with a batch converter. Smartpixel Producer is nice video editing tool and photo slideshow maker. It could work with Smartpixel Camera together to help the video editor create YouTube videos easily. You can download the latest version via