Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Smartpixel Webcam Recorder- the best free webcam video recording software

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For the people who wants to record videos from webcam, Smartpixel webcam recorder is the best free choice, it is an intuitive and easy-to-use webcam video recording software which helps people to record webcam and desk screen and save as video file.

As we can see from the Smartpixel webcam recorder interface above, it's clean and easy, we only need to click the webcam icon to start recording webcam videos. Before that, lets take a look its key features:

  • Video recording: With Smartpixel webcam recorder, you can record a videoconferencing, a group conversation or a video conversation with a single contact via skype or msn, it also allows you to record a personal music video via webcam cause it helps to remove original vocals and insert lyrics subtitles during webcam video recording, besides, it offers many webcam effects for you to beautify the webcam video. If you are a music talent, Smartpixel webcam recorder is your truely option for your personalized music videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

  • Image snapshots: Smartpixel Webcam Recorder enables to take snapshots of a recorded video from your webcam. Snapshots are still images that you can use later on. You can capture several images in one click.You can capture game screenshots, desktop screenshots, as well as webcam image. It turns your webcam into a multi-function digital camera.

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