Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Join Video Contest Win Free Smartpixel Video Editor License

Smartpixel Forum will host a video contest together with our partner sites at the beginning of the next month. Users are free to join the video contest to get the chance to win a free Smartpixel video editor license. There are the rules of the video contest.

1>Use Smartpixel software to capture and edit a 2 to 5 minutes video clip to upload to YouTube, the video content could be anything, a gameplay video, a music video or a funny moment of your pets etc. If you interested in, you can download it from

2>The video content should be original and no infringement;

3>Copy and Paste your video link in Smartpixel video contest thread;

4>Advertise your Youtube link via facebook, twitter and blog or other social tools to get more and more views and likes;
The winner video will be judged via its video content, views and likes quantities, total score 100 points, video content score 40 points, views and likes each score 30 points. the so better video content will get higher chance to win, the result will be published on the video contest thread.

5>There will be 1 Champion, 2 Second places and 3 Runner-ups, The Champion will win a free life time license, the second place will win a free 5-year license, the runner-up will win a yearly license;

6>Other members are welcome to poll for the videos you like on YouTube or the forum, the lucky voters for the champion have the chance to win a free Smartpixel video editor 5-year license.

7>The video contest starts from Dec 1 to Dec 10 2013. The statics will be published on Dec 11.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

HD webcam recorder review

With more and more pcs and notebooks have a webcam today, there are more and more webcam videos on YouTube. However, those webcams typically offers low quality than what you may get from the standalone device. The most recent webcams is now able to record HD videos equally 720p and 1080p resolutions with the assistance of the HD webcam recording software.

Compare to other videos on YouTube website, the benefits of HD videos are obviously. The higher video quality, the more clarity as well as more enjoyable viewing expirence. With these trend, the HD webcam recording software will be used in HD webcam video capture more and more often. I'd like to suggest a new HD webcam recording software, Smartpixel Camera. (via shareaholic)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Welcome To Be Partner With Smartpixel Video Editor

Welcome To Be Partner With Smartpixel Video Editor - SmartPixel News&Articles - Smartpixel Video Editing Community - Powered by Discuz!

Thanks to our users and developers, Smartpixel video editor software gets hundreds of daily downloads since the V 1.0 version released on June 19, 2013. We got lots of valuable feedback from our users and we have made lots changes in the follow up versions to improve the video capturing and video editing features to meet their requirements. To get even wider people know both Smartpixel video editor software and Smartpixel video editor forum, now we recruit partners worldwide, if you are a video gamer, video editor, forum admin, website webmaster or an article editor, you are welcome to be partner with us.

PC Video Gamers
Currently we need PC Video Gamer badly to built a YouTube video game channel. Although Smartpixel video editor has hundreds of thousands users In China, owing to language limitation as well as the accent, we could not built our video tutorial as well as the YouTube videos to improve the user experience. If you are a PC gamer who are well known the popular video games like WOW, DOTA, BF, COD, Minecraft, Star Craft etc. You are welcome to cooperate with us to built a related YouTube game channel. If you are also knowing Smartpixel video editor features well and you have a very good accent, please contact us to make some video tutorials for our users.

Website Webmasters
If you are running a website or blog or forums with PC games, YouTube videos, we have a very good foundation to work together. We could provide the necessary assistance needed for a blog software reviews, a game video contest we cooperated to run together. Meanwhile we could exchange our sources to promote both of our websites.

Software Distributors
We are welcome powerful software distributors worldwide to distribute Smartpixel video editor, to ensure both of our interests we will sign exclusive software reseller contract with partners in different countries. We offer the license keys and promotion photos and other information for distributors to distribute Smartpixel video editor software. Tech blog or software review website are also welcome to write software review for us to distribute Smartpixel software. If you own a software download website, you can also partner with us to distribute Smartpixel software on your download website.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Game recording software free download

The overall game films are extremely popular on YouTube and other video discussing sites. As a video player, you might invest a lot of time research the guides, tricks, impressive moments of your preferred game titles, you might want to fully capture your own game titles and tell other player online. But, find a excellent game recording computer software is not simple due to the time, income and video editing skills the player have. Alternatively, many players are ready to select a somewhat simple to use and economical game recording computer software for his or her YouTube game films, especially the game recording computer software might be download free.

When talking with game record,
recording is the key function for game recording software. Along with record the game screen video, recording the cam in addition to microphone can also be an essencial function as we usually see the other players stay comment the gameplay tricks in the guide films, as a video player, you are absolutely will not want to skip the opportunity to show up in your own game videos. Besides, there are many and more excellent game films may be seen in 1080P HD, that is quite amazing, so once we recording our game films the larger quality the better.  Of course, simplicity of use is the main function as we usually use hotkey when playing games, if the game recording computer software has hotkey controls to rapidly begin and stop game record that could be great. Finally, If the game recording computer software could present fundamental video editing tool for the game video editing before add to YouTube will be even better cause sometimes we have to then add musics, subtitles, results in the movies to make it more interesting to other folks but seemingly we do not want spend added cost for yet another video editing software. Therefore a video record computer software and video editing computer software 2 in 1 computer software is the ideal game recording computer software for the gamers. Smartpixel game video recording computer software is the main one your are seeking for. Let's have a look the key functions:

- Support 1080P HD video recording
- Support cam recording in addition to microphone recording
- Fully tailor-made video answers, area measurement, frame charges in addition to brightness
- Appropriate for all PC game recording
- Large video recording performance with reduced pc options
- Sport video editing, cutting and joining
- Add history musics, dubbing, video results, photographs, subtitles
- Variable pace playback
- Basic YouTube video format reinforced

With each one of these functions, Smartpixel game recording computer software now has more and more players utilize it for YouTube game videos. If you're buying a game recording computer software now, you are able to download it free via

As a sophisticated game video recording computer software, it has optimized the video record device considerably which dramatically decrease the pc assets occupancy for the period of video recording, actually PC with reduced hardware arrangement will not get stuck,
it won't influence game enjoying experience at all.It is just a ideal game recording plan for the well-known PC game titles like WOW, LOL, DOTA, COD, Minecraft etc. The player could easily record the game perform films, cam films in addition to microphone audios to YouTube.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Smartpixel video editor press release

Guangzhou, China, Oct 31, 2013 - Beyond MAGIC LTD., is delighted to announce that our video editing tool Smartpixel video editor V 2.2 is offered for the ordinary YouTube online video editors to download now. With the significant feature of this edition, users do not have to sign-up from neither its website nor the application any more, which tremendously facilitate editors to use the video editor software yet shield consumer secrecy much better. Apart from this, in the 2.2 release, we do not sell Smartpixel Camera with Smartpixel Producer independently, instead, we sale them together and only offer three licenses for our consumers, each license targets various clients according to their budget, this brand new price plan is more cost-effective and proper.

Smartpixel video editor has two fundamental characteristics, screen capturing and video editing. It consists of two modules Smartpixel Camera and Smartpixel Producer. The firs module On behalf of the video recordingfeature while the second one is for video edit function. They have been extensively employed as screen capturer, webcam capture application, game recording tool and video edit tool for YouTube tutorial video clips, game play videos as well as customized music videos.

As a easy to use screen recorder, Smartpixel has optimized the screen record mechanism deeply to significantly decrease the computer resources occupancy throughout video recording, even Computer with low hardware configuration won't get trapped. With the new D3D capturing technology, the HD video capturing quality has been drastically enhanced, at the same time, considerably less pc resources consumed during screen recording. It is an excellent game video capturing application for all the well-liked Windows video games such as WOW, LOL, DOTA, Minecraft and so forth. The participant could freely record the game play movies, webcam videos as well as microphone audio, it won't affect game playing experience in the least.

Smartpixel video editor may be the best video edit application you ever use. It can be utilized as both video editor tool and image slide show maker. The video editor could freely import video clips from Smartpixel software or local files. The imported video clips can be cut, merged and trimmed easily on the timeline. The video can be accelerated or slow down totally according to your requirements. Besides, Smartpixel video editor lets editor insert background musics, video effects, captions, dubs as well as scribble paintings into the video. As soon as the video editing is accomplished, the video can be exported with FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV and other basic formats which can be very easily upload to Vimeo as well as sharing with close friends. With its rapidly cutting and editing feature, you can be a video  editor in a few minutes. Nearly any concepts you can think of, you can comply in your video clips!

Smartpixel Video Editor V 2.2 New Attributes:

?New license mode. Not require to sign up;
?New background video feature for webcam capturing;
?Pic-in-Pic frame for webcam recording;
?Other minimal bugs repaired and improvements.

From V 2.2, we changed the price policy, there's only yearly, five-year and life time license accessible, the price is $15.9, $40.9 and $63.9 respectively. If you are interested Smartpixel software you are welcome to go to for more details.

Beyond MAGIC LTD. a foremost video application developer and video clip content service provider which focused on  providing easy to use video capture and video editing solutions for YouTube video clip editors. Our premium computer software Smartpixel video editor integrates game capturing and video editing as well as several other advanced features to offer    video editors the greatest video capturing and video clip editing experience, you are welcome to download Smartpixel video editor to make your Metacafe films much more simpler than ever.