Monday, November 18, 2013

Welcome To Be Partner With Smartpixel Video Editor

Welcome To Be Partner With Smartpixel Video Editor - SmartPixel News&Articles - Smartpixel Video Editing Community - Powered by Discuz!

Thanks to our users and developers, Smartpixel video editor software gets hundreds of daily downloads since the V 1.0 version released on June 19, 2013. We got lots of valuable feedback from our users and we have made lots changes in the follow up versions to improve the video capturing and video editing features to meet their requirements. To get even wider people know both Smartpixel video editor software and Smartpixel video editor forum, now we recruit partners worldwide, if you are a video gamer, video editor, forum admin, website webmaster or an article editor, you are welcome to be partner with us.

PC Video Gamers
Currently we need PC Video Gamer badly to built a YouTube video game channel. Although Smartpixel video editor has hundreds of thousands users In China, owing to language limitation as well as the accent, we could not built our video tutorial as well as the YouTube videos to improve the user experience. If you are a PC gamer who are well known the popular video games like WOW, DOTA, BF, COD, Minecraft, Star Craft etc. You are welcome to cooperate with us to built a related YouTube game channel. If you are also knowing Smartpixel video editor features well and you have a very good accent, please contact us to make some video tutorials for our users.

Website Webmasters
If you are running a website or blog or forums with PC games, YouTube videos, we have a very good foundation to work together. We could provide the necessary assistance needed for a blog software reviews, a game video contest we cooperated to run together. Meanwhile we could exchange our sources to promote both of our websites.

Software Distributors
We are welcome powerful software distributors worldwide to distribute Smartpixel video editor, to ensure both of our interests we will sign exclusive software reseller contract with partners in different countries. We offer the license keys and promotion photos and other information for distributors to distribute Smartpixel video editor software. Tech blog or software review website are also welcome to write software review for us to distribute Smartpixel software. If you own a software download website, you can also partner with us to distribute Smartpixel software on your download website.

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