Tuesday, February 25, 2014

BEYOND MAGIC Released Smartpixel Video Recorder & Editor V3.0

Recently BEYOND MAGIC LTD released its video record &editor software Smartpixel v3.0, in the new version, the interface became more clear and easy to operate. There's the main change log of Smartpixel V3.0:

- Changed Smartpixel software interface and boot mode;
- Fixed frame loss issue during video recording, video fluency enhanced greatly;
- Fixed license buyer with multiple NICs or using VPN failed to activate software;
- Fixed life time license buyer invalid activation bug;
- Minor improvements.

You can download the latest version via http://www.smartpixel.com/download. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Free Music Video Maker


There are many people who encompasses a talented voice tend to create a music video with their favorite songs, particularly the host interacts with guests on the web web site, apparently he/her wants a lot of exposure to point out their gift to urge a lot of and a lot of fans that love them, a music video would be the most effective manner for them. However, knowledgeable music studio value an excessive amount of for them to afford, besides they lack of the channels to sell the records. currently the net makes it potential and also the value has been very lower down, all you wish may be a music video maker. during this article i might prefer to introduce a way to use Smartpixel software to assist you create your own music videos and transfer them on-line.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Best Screen Recorder & Video Editor Software Review 2014

Smartpixel, an easy to use screen recorder and video editor software for windows. In this video, it mainly introduces how to use it to record and edit videos, the live comment explains every single details and shown as subtitles, the author tried his best to show you the most easy way to apply it for your tutorial videos, game videos and webcam videos as well as photo slideshow purpose. If you are looking for a screen recorder and video editor software, you can get it from http://www.smartpixel.com/download after you watched the video.