Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Best free HD screen capture software

The videos captured can be utilized for a lot of purpose, as an example, capture a movie for class education, create a video present client your product and your business, show friends your tricks on playing game etc. Now YouTube videos supports 360P to 1080P HD quality and the HD videos uploaded more and more for a better visual experience. Hence, more and more folks need HD video capture software for their YouTube videos, as a commonly consumer, I'd like to suggest Smartpixel software, one of the greatest HD video capture software.

Smartpixel software has two modules Smartpixel Camera and Smartpixel Producer. If you want capture screen videos, game videos along with webcam videos, Smartpixel software is an ideal video capture software. With it, you can capture your videos in a couple of simple steps.

Like, if you're a WOW gamer and you wish to capture a HD WOW gameplay video and upload to YouTube, we will have how to use Smartpixel HD video capture software to obtain it done.

Firstly, login your WOW game account, then run Smartpixel software, if you may not contain it, you can download via and install it. You then might find the interface above, click the Screen/Game icon, you might find 4 red cordinates at the centre of the desktop screen, then you definitely need to modify the screen capture area by drag the red cordinates. Smartpixel software offers 3 different of screen recording modes: area capture, full screen capture and PIP capture. With area screen capture, you'll need to manually adjust the screen capture area with the cordinates. Will Full screen capture, it is likely to be automatically adjust by the software. PIP capture enables you to capture the webcam videos along with Microphone audios.

The next step is to modify the screen capture settings. Smartpixel support HD video capture qualities from 360P to 1080P HD, and it is customizable. You can also adjust the frame rates and brightness when start recording the videos.

Then we can return to the game screen and press start button to record the game videos. Smartpixel software also support hotkeys, which you can check the settings and start video capture by press F9 and stop&save videos by press F12. With it, the video capture process is extremely easy.

Needless to say, for a better HD video quality, you'd better power down other programs, then adjust the resolutions and frame rates in settings. Besides HD video capture tool, Smartpixel software also offers HD video editing tool which you can import the captured videos to cut, trim and merge etc. You could add background musics, video effects along with subtitles into the video which will make your videos more attractive. After each one of these steps done, you can export videos and upload to YouTube and other video sharing site directly.

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