Thursday, October 10, 2013

Smartpixel: Best Free PC Video Game Capture Software

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Today, record gameplay videos is quite popular on YouTube. Being a PC video gamer, I always like to share the walkthrough of my favorite video games. I want my game videos are funny enough with HD quality. To creating the game videos on the PC, a good video game capture software would help a lot. In this article I'd like to introduce Smartpixel software, the best free PC video game capture software for YouTube game videos.

Smartpixel software includes screen capture software as well as video editing software 2 in 1, it has 2 modules, Smartpixel Camera and Smartpixel Producer. With Smartpixel Camera, you can capture the desktop screen, webcam as well as microphone with 1080P HD quality. With Smartpixel Producer, the captured game videos can be easily edit by adding background musics, photos, subtitles etc. Besides, the captured screenshots can be made as a photo slideshow.

There are the features for video capture capture:

1. Smartpixel Camera offers different game capture resolution from 360P to 1080P HD, from photos to videos, the size is totally customizable;

2. With D3D technology, Smartpixel Camera is capable for all PC video game capture such as WOW 3, WOW, Star Craft, DNF, FIFA series, Call Duty 8, Need For Speed 16,  Battle Field 3, NBA 2K series, Lost Planet 3, Devil May Cry 4, Dead Space 2, League of Legends etc. has been tested perfectly worked with Smartpixel software.

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