Thursday, October 31, 2013

Smartpixel Video Editor v2.2 released

Smartpixel Video Editor V2.2 being released by BEYOND MAGIC LTD on 31th, Oct. 2013. There are the following improvements in the new version:

- New licensing mode. No longer need to sign up.
- New background video feature for webcam recording.
- Pic-in-Pic frame for webcam recording.
- Other minor bugs and improvements.

In the new version, we changed the license strategy to make it more affordable and user do not have to signup anymore. From v2.2, Smartpixel video editor has 3 kind of license, 1 year license, 5 year license and lifetime license for $15.9, $40.9 and $63.9 respectively, the license is more affordable and cost effective for different people.

In Smartpixel Video Editor v2.2, we add new background feature for webcam recording,meanwhile, we add the frame settings in webcam recording, they are more practical to help user to record impressive webcam videos. You are welcome to download Smartpixel video editor v2.2 via

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