Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Best Free Video Tutorial Making Software

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Compares to an text or photo instruction, the video tutorial is a better and great way to showcase a procedure, to teach and demonstrate a thing or a service. Once you surf the Internet, it's easy to find thousands of how-to tutorial videos about software presentations and website demos etc. To make a video tutorial, a free easy to use video tutorial making software is quite nessecary. If you are looking for one video tutorial creating software, Smartpixel software is your best choice, with it, the video tutorial can be easily done in a few steps.

The following are the main features for Smartpixel video tutorial making software:

Screen Capture: It allows you to record screenshot of any application such as screen desktop and webcam, including all PC games with its D3D recording mode technology.

Webcam video&audio Capture: It allows you to record the webcam with the option of vocal removing, lyrics input and more. You can record video and audio via the webcam and microphone, take photos via webcam.

Pic-in-Pic video capture: This function is especially useful to record both game screen and every single move the players made. It's the best game tutorial video capture software that's allows gamer live comment during playing game.

HD Screen video capture: the tutorial video quality can be up to 1080P HD resolution.

High Performance: The application has been designed to bring optimal performance, resulting in less CPU and lower disk usage.

Mouse Capture: it is a very important feature for the video tutorial software, which makes the tutorial videos more clear and understandable.

Usage: no matter game tutorial videos, slideshow presentation videos or any other tutorial videos all can be done by Smartpixel video tutorial making software in a few steps.

Besides, Smartpixel software have video editing tools which allows people add backgrounds, subtitles, photos etc. to make the video tutorials more intuitive and attractive. You can download it via

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