Friday, October 11, 2013

Free YouTube video editing software

When it comes to video sharing sites, most people think of YouTube. That's true, hundreds of hours video content has been uploaded to YouTube every minute. With the free video editing software almost anyone could make their own video clips and upload to YouTube and other video sharing sites. For the beginners, the YouTube video editing software should be easy to learn, quick to use as well as preferably free or affordable.

SmartPixel is a free screen capture video editing software for windows.It provides powerful desktop capturing tool together with easy to use video editing solution.The software can be widely used for streaming video capturing, youtube tutorial video, gameplay video capturing and personalized home video editing.It's available in Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 OS and consists of two modules Smartpixel Camera and Smartpixel Producer.

SmartPixel Camera 

It is a screen capture tool which provides a great way to help illustrate your ideas in videos for your employees and clients.It supports 720P steaming video capturing, webcam recording as well as photo capture in the desktop, webcam and video. With its new patented technology to ensure extreme recording performance and also costs less CPU consumption and lower disk usage, Smartpixel is compatible for all the PC gameplay video capturing.

It supports full screen capturing and area screen capturing mode.The Pic in Pic feature allows people to record the webcam and audio while screen capturing, for the gamer and tutorial screencast maker, it is very useful, in this mode, the video editor could online comment during video capturing.Besides, user could also capture the mouse track if needed.

In the webcam recording mode, Smartpixel Camera offers rich beautify effects such as color, lighting, frame and slimming for people to record personalized videos.

In the new Karaoke mode even lets you make your own music video! It helps you remove original vocals and insert lyrics subtitles. 

Because of the advanced screen capturing and webcam recording features, SmartPixel is a use to use video capture tool widely used in youtube tutorial video, gameplay video and personalized home music videos.

SmartPixel Producer

As a video editor,  Smartpixel Producer has the ability to control video speed, merge and split videos, trim & cut, and duplicate video clips. With a simple drag and drop of media files to its timeline, the youtube video editor can easily edit video clips and rearrange their sequences at anytime. The video clips can be personalized more by adding music, text, effects or even narrations. Besides video clips, Smartpixel producer could also make photo slideshow by import the photos captured from webcam or imported from other place. It also supports imported AVI,WMV,MPG,MP4,FLV format video clips for video editing.

During video editing, the video editor will get access to a rich library of online resources including effects, filters, sound clips, and so on. You can add pop-up text as subtitles, or add cut scene between video clips. Once the video editing is done, the video clips can be exported as FLV, AVI, GIF Image and MP4 format to upload to youtube and other video sharing sites.

Along with youtube get more and more popular, people need free and easy to use video editing software for their video clip editing purpose. Based on this trend, Smartpixel is target the wise choice of the free youtube video editing software.

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