Thursday, September 26, 2013

Easy to use game recording software for windows

Easy to use game recording software for windows 

When we need to explian our ideas to others, we often need to prepare materials to convince people, the video clips is the most effective way to do so. For example, game video tutorial, The game recording software is very useful then since it could record any activity going on your desktop screen such as movement of cursor, typing of text, changes happening on a program etc. To finish a game video tutorials, an easy to use game recording software is quite necessary.

Smartpixel Camera is an easy to use screen recording software for windows. With seamlessly integrated with D3D video recording mode based on the original screencast mode, it has optimized the video recording mechanism deeply to significantly reduce the computer resources occupancy during video recording, even PC with low hardware configuration won't get stuck, the full screen game recording fluency doubled. Furthermore, WOW, Star Craft, DNF, FIFA series, Call Duty 8, Need For Speed 16,  Battle Field 3, NBA 2K series, Lost Planet 3, Devil May Cry 4, Dead Space 2, League of Legends and other popular video games has been tested perfectly support the D3D mode Which means Smartpixel game recording software could compatible with all the PC video games recording.

If you are a high skilled gamer, you may need to tech your team some skills or tricks to make them fight together with you, how to make it more effective? Of course it is game tutorial video, but it is not enough, to make the other gamers better understanding what you expressed game tutorial video, you may need not only capture the game screen, but also your explaination about your strategies and moves from the webcam and microphone.

Well, Smartpixel game recording software is designed for gamers. Let's take a look how to use it for game video recording. The first step download and install it via

Then we will see its clean interface after we run the program:

We can click Screen/Game button to start the game video recording. Before we started, there're two steps we need to pay attention. Smartpixel game recording software offers 3 recording mode, area mode, full screen mode and PIP mode, with the area mode, gamer need to adjust the game screen capture range with the 4 red coordinates in the screen. The full screen recording mode will be adjust to full screen automatically, the PIP mode gamer need install webcam and microphone first to launch this mode.

Once the first step is done, the game need to set the resolution and frame rate in the recording settings. Smartpixel game recording software offers resolutions from 360P to 1080P HD. Please check the following window and select the right settings before game video recording.

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