Monday, September 23, 2013

1080P HD Webcam Video Capture Software

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Video is a much more easy way to tell others the information we want to deliver. In the past we may pay hundreds of dollars for the DC for the videos, Now the webcam is used for the Youtube videos more and more widely not only because it is cheap, convenient and easy to create videos, but also there are hundreds of different webcam video capture software available. Today, we will introduce a webcam video capture software for YouTube 1080P HD videos-Smartpixel Camera.

Smartpixel is an easy to use video capture software and video editing software. It has two modules, Smartpixel Camera and Smartpixel Producer. The Smartpixel Camera can be used not only as a screen video capture software, but also a HD webcam recording software.

SmartPixel Camera Features:

· Record Screens: This function allows you to record screenshot of any application, including games with its D3D recording mode technology.
· Screenshot: This option allows you to capture in manual or automatic mode the webcam frames as a digital camera.
· Record Webcam: This function allows you to record the webcam with the option of vocal removing, lyrics input and more.
· Pic-in-Pic Recording: This function is especially useful to record both game screen and every single move the players made.
· HD Recording: It can record videos up to 1080p resolution.
· Performance: The application has been designed to bring optimal performance, resulting in less CPU and lower disk usage.

Owing to its high performance on the video capture, Smartpixel Camera has been widely used on YouTube tutorial videos captures, game videos capture, webcam recording. If you are looking for a HD webcam video capture software, feel free to download via

After installed Smartpixel software, double click the icon to run it and we will see the clean interface.

Now click webcam Icon for the webcam video capture, we can login the webcam capture interface

As a webcam video capture software, Smartpixel offers many effects during webcam capture, such as lighting, color, frame, slimming etc. It has a karaoke function even lets you make your own music video! It helps you remove original vocals and insert lyrics subtitles to make your own YouTube music videos.

For the gamers or tutorial video makers, they are abviously need the webcam video capture software for certain purpose, Smartpixel offers a PIP mode which allows people to record webcam and microphone simutaniously while screen video capture, this is very useful functions.

Of course, if you need to record the 1080P HD webcam videos, firstly you need to have a HD webcam, then you can easily record your webcam with Smartpixel Camera, it is easy and fun.

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