Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Top 3 Best Free Screen Video Capture Software For Windows

Top 3 Best Free Screen Video Capture Software For Windows

No matter who you are, a software designer, graphic artist, Realtor, technical writer, web designer, student, teacher, homemaker, house builder, gamer or grandpa, Sometimes you may need a record of images and information you view, you may have a need to take screenshots. The screen video capture software makes it simple and easy.  In this article, I'm picking out the top 3 best free screen video capture software for Windows.

1. Smartpixel Camera

A game video capture software, webcam video capture software, tutorial video capture software, any screen video capture needs you want, Smartpixel Camera serves your need. Besides, it released the 2.0 version this month, it could support 1080P HD YouTube video capture. There are the new changes listed as follow:

- Added more video capture size options. Support full size screen recording and customize size recording.
- Support widescreen recording now.
- Customizable framerate.
- You can now merge videos of different sizes together.
- Optimized dubbing process. Improved voice-over performance.
- More VIP member features.
- Other improvements and bug fixes. 

The greatest value of screen capture software may be in its editing functions. Good editing tools let you insert comments, draw attention to specific portions of an object with a virtual marker or alter a large number of files at one time with a batch converter. Smartpixel Producer is nice video editing tool and photo slideshow maker. It could work with Smartpixel Camera together to help the video editor create YouTube videos easily. You can download the latest version via http://www.smartpixel.com/download.

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