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How To Capture Videos And Merge Video Clips With Smartpixel Video Editor

In order to show friends a piece of work or computer skills you own, you may capture videos and show them. For the commonly people, they may not willing to spend much of time and money on the YouTube video editor, so there's huge demand on the cheap and easy to use video editor software. In this article, I will show you how to use Smartpixel video editor to capture video and merge multiple video clips in much more easy way.

If you didn't install Smartpixel software on your PC, you can download the latest version via http://www.smartpixel.com/download. In the Smartpixel video editing forum, I've wrote lots of manual on how to capture the game play videos with Smartpixel Camera, you can check the following link as a reference:

How to record WOW gameplay videos
How to capture screen with SmartPixel software

Since Smartpixel released a new version recently, it has a little change in the setting panel, I'd like to introduce a little bit about how to capture the video clips with Smartpixel Camera.

Once we installed Smartpixel software, double click the icon to run the program, we will see its simple interface

Then we can choose screen video capture or webcam video capture to start. Here we click screen/Game button.

Smartpixel Camera.jpg

It offers erea mode, full screen mode and PIP mode for screen capturing. If you choose erea mode, you may need to adjust the screen capture window manually. Then it is the settings,

Smartpixel Settings.jpg

In the setting window, you can set the hotkey, and change record settings, in the Smartpixel video editor V2.0, the HD video capture support 1080P, you can adjust the resolution and FPS according to your requirements, then you can start video recording by Press F11, Press F12 to save the video clips.

Very often we need to merge multiple video clips into one and cut the unwanted parts. It is extremely easy by Smartpixel video editor. Firstly, we need to import video clips into Smartpixel Producer.

Smartpixel Producer.jpg

After import the video clips, they will be shown in the left upper windows, then drag them into the video editing window left side. Here we need to make clear the time line, in the timeline, the yellow part means active video clip can be played, the gray part is deleted part, we can play the video clips then cut the anwanted part, then repeat the same operation on other video clips, after that, click the privew button to play the videos, all the video clips will be merged into one video, then come back repeat the operation if nassecery. After that you can add some background musics, effects, subtitles etc. then preview and export the video. 

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