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Top 5 Windows Video Editing Software Programs Reviews :

When starting to create the YouTube videos, choosing a nice video editing software might not be easy because there are many choices avaible for the best video editing software programs at the consumer or home user level. Here we introduce the Most popular 5 windows video editing software programs.

Smartpixel software is an easy to use YouTube video editor for windows users. It released a new 2.0 version recently, In the new version, it improved the video capture features and upgrade the resolutions to 1080P HD. This program has been my first choice for users at the consumer levels. Of all the mainstream video editing software producers Smartpixel have continually set themselves apart from the rest by not only keeping pace with the changes, but in some cases being one step ahead. It can be download via

Windows Movie Maker is another easy-to-use YouTube video editor capable of creating video clips without all the complicated bells and whistles of more robust programs like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. Adding themes and effects is a breeze, as is trimming video and one-step uploading to various sites like YouTube and Facebook. The software allows users to combine video, images, and audio using a drag-and-drop method similar to Smartpixel, and it features all the essential functions we now come to expect from any basic editing software.  Additionally, the full-screen preview and high-definition webcam capture are also a plus, it does offer enough free incentives to keep the amateur video editor satisfied without the financial burden of the aforementioned heavy-duty programs. It can be download via .

Videospin is a free video editor based on Studio that functions almost similarly with Smartpixel. Although it does not support Windows 7 yet, which again making a huge plus point for Smartpixel. It also requires one to buy a codec pack to update to a newer version. Besides, it has direct uploads to Youtube, easy to use, drag-n-drop feature but like any other software, it has some strict limitations and lots of bugs have been reported. What’s been annoying is that the application will open your Web browser to an ad for upgrades if you click on the ‘More Transitions’ from a drop-down menu and crashes every time the computer is on a standby mode. Overall, it is a good video maker software for windows.

VideoWave 4 is comprised of seven different integrated windows that allow users to create their projects. The interface has a nice look and feel. The workspace fits nicely on the screen and is not overcrowded. Like many simple video editing software programs aimed at beginning editors, VideoWave 4 uses a storyboard interface. The Storyboard interface uses picture thumbnails that represent the video clips laid out in order of appearance without describing their duration.

The 5TH windows video editing software is Wondershare video editor, it offers several video related products besides Video Editor including, at the time of this writing, Video Converter Ultimate, DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe, YouTube Downloader, Fantashow, and more. You can grab a free trial of Video Editor at the Wondershare site. The full version costs $39.00, so it’s pretty affordable as far as editing software goes.

As windows video editing has gained popularity, major computer manufacturers are now bundling beginner-friendly video editing software along with the other standard computer software. This means that more people have access to the creative tools that allow them to express, reflect and document their lives, tell stories and communicate personal messages.

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